Curriculum Vitae | Lebenslauf

I mainly work in audio – podcasts mostly – in German and English, with the odd writing gig thrown in between. Here you can find a quick selection of some of my work that I am the most proud of.

A lot of what I enjoy most about my line of work is the collaboration with other people. Editing, working out concepts, giving workshops, doing consultancy work – these are a few of my favourite things. The half-year I spent as the editor-in-chief at my university radio station CouchFM was some of the most instructive and fun work I’ve had the pleasure of doing. The results of this kind of work are of course way less tangible and much harder to put into a bullet point on this page.

Please note that I don’t have the rights to all of my work to share on my website freely – if you want to know more about some of my public radio work (in German), please get in touch.

Writing ᵈᵉ


Reform Radio: When I Grow Up

My biggest project to date: An hour-long pilot of a podcast I produced while working with Reform Radio in Manchester. An excursion into Millennial perspectives on contemporary lives. I am working on more, but because of the ambitious scale of the project and my limited time I only rarely get to work on it. You can listen to the whole thing here or subscribe to When I Grow Up wherever you get your podcasts.

rbb Feature: Orte der Erinnerung – Eine Stolpersteingeschichte ᵈᵉ
Podcast: Praxisgespräch mit Sarah Lehnert ᵈᵉ
Feature: New Work ᵈᵉ
Portrait: Winfried Radeke - Gründer der Neuköllner Oper ᵈᵉ
Europe to Date

An English-language podcast that looks at European issues from an international perspective. Created by Rebecca Ritters and Clare Richardson, who met while working for _Deutsche Welle_, I joined them in autumn of 2018 for their second season. I did some conceptual and editorial work as well as produced a few of the second season's episodes.

Writing ᵉⁿ

So far I have not had the opportunity to publish anything in English. However, if you are interested in podcasts or literature or journalism I encourage you to have a look at my Bachelor's thesis, which I wrote in English.


I have done a fair amount of hosting, both in paneled events and of course on air, both in long-form interview and music radio shows.

Panel discussion on antisemitism and intersectionality

... with the writer Kenny Fries and the queer activist and rabbinical student Naomi Henkel-Gümbel (switches to English after a few minutes).

Panel discussion on cultural collaborations in the middle east
Semesterabschlusspräsentation des Studiengangs Kulturjournalismus an der UdK Berlin ᵈᵉ
Gästezimmer mit Günter M. Ziegler, Präsident der FU ᵈᵉ
Magazin 05.10.2018 (Musik entfernt) ᵈᵉ
Magazin 10.07.2018 (Musik entfernt) ᵈᵉ

Video Journalism

TV-Reportage: Preisgekrönt ᵈᵉ

Für mein Abschlussprojekt im Seminar "Mobile Journalism" habe ich eine Künstlerin auf ihrem Weg durch den Kunstpreis begleitet. Kamera, Ton, Schnitt usw. alles aus eigener Hand.